Bellofram Diaphragms are found in critical applications large and small, from the brakes on a train to the pump that delivers medicine to a hospital patient.

Why have we been the choice for critical applications for more than a half-century? Depending on materials and geometry, Bellofram Rolling Diaphragms can handle applied pressures of 3000 PSI.

Operating temperatures may range from –120ºF to +600ºF. Diaphragms are available which are highly resistant to oil, ozone, acids, alkalis, steam, and other corrosive fluids. Our engineers will work with you to create exactly the sealing solution you need.


Process Control Valves
Air Pressure Regulators
Displacement Pumps
Liquid Dispensing Equipment
Valve Positioners
Automatic Choke Controls
Distributor Vacuum Advance Mechanisms
Irrigation Valves

Environmental Controls
Belt Guide Actuators
Automotive Locking Hubs
Anti-Scald Devices
Truck Brake Actuators
Automotive Emission Controls
Geothermal Pumps
Automatic Door Locks
Tank Truck Valves
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Pneumatic Relays
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